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Fluorine rubber desktop high speed dispenser

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Fluorine rubber is a chemical oil and high temperature resistant, due to its characteristics and is often used in the automotive industry in the oil seal, gasket and the sealing ring is made of fluorine rubber, in which the entire production process needs to be applied to high speed dispensing machine for bonding, then the fluorine rubber desktop type high speed dispensing machine with what the characteristics?

Desktop automatic dispensing equipment

Fluorine rubber high-speed dispensing machine adopts the structure design of integrated desktop, 3D design body very streamlined and practical, with high precision and high speed dispensing dispensing characteristics such as desktop design simple and convenient operation and personnel to achieve the single computer or single machine working mode, programming with a dedicated teaching box auxiliary work, just the path and the work parameter input can complete array high-speed dispensing work, has the function of automatic feeding makes programming links more convenient and fast.

High speed rubber dispenser

The dispensing part of fluorine rubber sealing ring is very simple, because of its chemical properties is stable, so the dispensing glue not because of temperature effect of normal product results, which can achieve high speed desktop type dispensing dispensing array, so the quantities of fluorine rubber sealing ring for dispensing, finish the small permeability and seamless bonding, have some physical properties such as tensile strength. Desktop high-speed dispensing machine uses a medium-sized dispensing needle, which can help users realize quantitative dispensing of fluorine rubber, and ensure the quality and effect of adhesion.

Three axis high-speed fluorine rubber dispenser

Desktop high-speed dispensing machine adopts the imported servo motor, power supply through the import of the gluing and smooth foot strength, no glue deviation, mechanical arm high-speed dispensing work is flexible and smooth and unimpeded, this is because the table type high speed dispensing machine is equipped with a high precise linear guide rail to ensure the smooth, glue stable and uniform, in addition to the fluorine rubber seal packages can be used in the dispensing package in other industries, to help users of all kinds of complex dispensing work.

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