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Silver paste desktop high speed dispenser

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Is a conductive silver paste performance, because this configuration requires the use of glue to silver metal, the conductivity of silver is better, is generally used in membrane switch circuit board is electrically conductive, reflect the use of silver paste, there is relationship between the content of silver paste with conductive properties of silver, silver paste in the accessories required in accordance with the requirements of dispensing preparation of glue, but can not exceed a certain value, it will reduce the conductivity, using a desktop type high speed glue dispensing need to pay attention to use silver paste.

Desktop single station high speed dispenser

The use of silver paste dispensing for desktop type high speed dispensing machine is relatively high, in order to meet the demand for silver paste technology, were improved again and again on the desktop type high speed dispensing machine, finally build a suitable paste dispensing dispensing equipment, desktop type silver paste high-speed dispensing machine uses a Windows XP system, PLC programming system, liquid crystal display, CCD vision system, the needle height detection system, which is the guarantee of high speed dispensing machine in silver paste dispensing process accuracy, real-time monitoring of the quality and effect of dispensing glue.

Double head desktop high speed glue dispenser

In addition to the high speed desktop type silver paste dispensing machine equipped with advanced operating system, it also equipped with advanced auxiliary parts, such as servo motor, stepper motor, imported grinding screw, precision pressure regulator valve, needle valve, automatic high-speed jet cleaning machine, these parts are fitted with high speed dispensing system for dispensing. Not only can control the dispensing accuracy, and dispensing speed and quality can guarantee.

Two station desktop high speed dispenser

High speed desktop type silver paste dispensing machine with new equipment now technology to build out, for the glue injection quantity can be controlled in a minimum of 0.003 ml, glue accuracy reached 0.005, repeated dispensing accuracy of 0.02mm desktop type high speed dispensing speed efficiency can reach 200 times per second, desktop type high speed dispensing machine has a good the competitive ability in packaging and dispensing.

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