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Semiconductor desktop high speed dispenser

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A semiconductor is a semi insulating material, usually used for circuit board components, the material development has brought more development space to the society, the integrated circuit is more and more high, the beginning of the manual dispensing mode can not meet the requirements of dispensing, finally developed gradually to the high point now glue dispensing technology, which is based on the new dispensing technology the needs of the market development is developed, in order to meet the needs in the semiconductor production dispensing accuracy and speed.

Semiconductor desktop three axis dispenser

Desktop high-speed dispensing machine is the most advanced now has six axis three axis dispensing, dispensing mode increases on the X/Y/Z axis, a more suitable semiconductor package now, an increase of three axis high speed dispensing speed did not decline, but keep the accuracy of dispensing, dispensing the dimension increased by three, for dispensing the operation of more surface, reducing the number of input dispenser.

Desktop semiconductor high speed dispenser

High speed dispensing machine of the semiconductor package is a small desktop dispensing equipment, capable of high-speed machinery, weight only 35kg, less occupied area, can arrange a plurality of high-speed dispensing machine with semiconductor production, it can increase the production efficiency, and high speed dispensing machine is a non-contact dispensing mode, high-speed dispensing won't appear again dispensing problems.

Semiconductor desktop type high speed dispensing machine in addition to the use of jet dispensing valve, also the configuration of the system and software dispensing many of the PLC programming software is to control the manipulator operation, desktop computer system was used to transmit data and save the data, you can save 2000 dispensing procedures, it can reduce the programming time.

Multi position Semiconductor High-speed glue dispenser

Semiconductor production in the desktop dispensing machine most attention to production and efficiency, semiconductor sales are very large, want to have profitability enterprises, it is necessary to mention production, high-speed dispensing machine in terms of speed advantage.

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