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Desktop digital display high speed dispenser

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High speed digital dispensing machine is based on the human hand to create, make its easy operation and use, mainly used in various parts of the small part of the package dispensing, by the working effect of environmental intervention is low, with advantages such as portable, convenient dispenser transfer and maintenance, then this desktop digital high speed dispensing machine have what characteristics?
Microcomputer digital high speed dispensing machine
High speed digital dispensing area is very small, only the dispensing operation box and hand-held dispensing needle, convenient use and without too much preparation work, through the LED digital display can help the operator to read real-time data, can better fulfill the data adjustment, so as to achieve the best working point glue quality. With vacuum suction function, it can effectively prevent glue drawing and glue dripping and other problems, so that the dispensing effect has been further improved. According to the actual needs of the work, you can set manual dispensing and quantitative high-speed dispensing two modes, higher washability, in order to complete more dispensing work,
Automatic high speed dispenser
In order to make the dispensing work effectively, most dispensing equipment will advance the debugging work, digital high-speed dispensing machine with a test switch, the operator only needs to press the test button to adjust the work before, whether it is used in low viscosity glue dispensing or used in high viscosity glue dispensing can achieve the best effect of dispensing, further to help realize the value of the object.
High speed dispensing return suction valve
High speed digital dispensing machine adopts electric control glue flow, effectively avoids the leakage problem of rubber pneumatic dispensing common, in the implementation of high speed dispensing work ensures the stable and uniform dispensing path, the defect rate is greatly reduced, compared with the traditional automatic dispensing equipment have more flexibility.

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