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Five axis high speed dispenser

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With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years a variety of levels, suitable for industrial production line equipment attendant, dispensing machine is a kind of adhesive dispensing equipment package, market demand growth make a variety of dispensing equipment along with the students, which can perform high-speed five axis machine has been put into the market and have an amazing the sales, which is a powerful dispensing equipment.
Double station five axle high speed dispenser
Five axis high speed dispensing machine belongs to a new type of desktop type high speed dispensing equipment, the high speed dispensing dispensing can execute flexible operation, can carry out precise dispensing in some irregularly curved surfaces, this is because the five axis high speed dispensing machine has the automatic linkage positioning function, can accurately to the target area to perform high speed the dispensing work through the system scan, this is the artificial location do not have the advantage, can help the operator to solve the drawbacks of manual positioning.
Single station five axis high speed dispenser
It is very easy to five axis high speed dispensing machine programming, can through the PC programming, can also be equipped with manual teach box programming work, the use of manual teaching box only needs to record the single work coordinates can be, can perform high-speed high repetitive work by glue system adjustment. Support programming software is very much, and can store up to 500 programming documents, need to be able to transfer at any time, ensure the consistency and accuracy of product production process.
Desktop five axis high speed dispenser
Now on the market most in the replacement of dispensing equipment related consumable parts will affect the normal positioning of high-speed dispensing machine, this is because there were no needle positioning, five axis high speed dispensing machine programming with automatic needle calibration function, can quickly solve the problem of needle positioning.

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