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Desktop double component high speed glue machine

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Desktop type structure multiple high-speed dispensing machine in the dispensing industry belongs to a highly efficient dispensing equipment, most of China's manufacturing industry needs to be applied to the dispensing process, this kind of demand of production have common characteristics, high quality and efficient production is the use of long, high speed dispensing function satisfied with this kind of intensive production line the demand.
Desktop double liquid high speed glue machine
Multiple high-speed dispensing machine has a plurality of glue outlet, the glue outlet can work at the same time, the surface is only a dispenser in the work, the essence is more single head dispenser and dispensing, dispensing head is equipped with a number of theories will improve the work efficiency, but the dispensing head is not a user free assembly, and the corresponding need to contact manufacturers to ensure the quality of normal dispensing work.
Most small electronic objects using high speed dispensing machine can meet the production needs of the ordinary, if you need high speed dispensing machine for bulk dispensing needs may be common to meet, using multiple high-speed dispensing machine can complete dispensing work in large quantities, through a single dispensing controller can accurately control the long high-speed dispensing machine, capable of performing stable array dispensing and high repeatability, the dispensing quality and dispensing efficiency guarantee.
Single station double liquid dispensing machine
Long high-speed dispensing machine adopts a stepping motor as the drive mode, with intelligent glue function, can effectively carry out the automatic glue in high-speed dispensing stop, prevent glue drawing problems caused by the pull back, to help users to maximize the use of glue and consumables, to help manufacturers achieve high efficiency production.
The glue head of the multi head high speed glue machine is very much. It can be used to spot glue at the same time with a variety of glue.

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