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Desktop high speed dispensing machine with inductance coil

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The inductance coil is energized by the multi circle winding conductor on the insulator, and then each wire between each other is not conductive, resistance to the constant current is very small, which can make the low frequency signal to smooth the high frequency signal through the barrier, which need to be fixed on the circuit board, the need to use desktop high speed dispensing machine can perfectly fixed.
Single station desktop high speed dispenser
Table type high speed dispensing machine with automatic loading and unloading function, it is through the dispensing arm clamping to achieve, through the assembly of a plurality of dispensing robot arm to achieve high-speed production line, can realize the single computer or even a single machine dispensing mode. Desktop type inductance coil dispensing machine to realize high speed operation before commissioning work more easily, the control variables to achieve the best work parameters set by auxiliary control system, so the inductance coil dispensing problems rarely stuck phenomenon, to ensure the stability and continuity of dispensing directly, improve work efficiency.
High speed dispensing machine for induction coil
The inductance of the coil is fixed on the circuit board is vacuum impregnation can be done, not just the dispensing effect is good, the desktop type high speed dispensing machine can handle different viscosity glue dispensing, including the fixed inductance coil of commonly used epoxy resin and polyurethane glue. To the circuit board industry market is very good now, the inductor demand is relatively high, directly played a leading role, desktop programming after dispensing machine can continue dispensing realization of high speed and stability of inductance coil, work fast and does not have the problem of partial glue.
Desktop three axle high speed dispenser
Table type high speed dispensing machine problems the size of real objects in need of induction coil dispensing before considering the actual problems of programming can play the best effect, the relevant information automatic detection and location system can quickly scan the object and the best alternatives, users refer to these practical problems for programming procedures to change at any time.

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