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Desktop electric high speed glue machine

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The dispensing machine has a good role in promoting China's modernization of industrial development, the majority of users in pursuit of a stable and efficient mode of dispensing, our goal is to meet the needs of this part of the user's dispensing, here to introduce the characteristics of desktop electric high-speed dispensing machine and working effect.
Needle cylinder type high speed electric dispenser
Desktop design uses electric high-speed dispensing machine, the operation more convenient operation of the initial contact with the staff started dispensing, equipped with a unique rotor wear work, the high-speed dispensing work material utilization is maximized, equipped with a visual display, can accurately reflect the parameters of dispensing link on the LCD screen, operation board with a quick adjustment key more convenient operators to adjust the parameters. Support the use of glue dispensing machine there are many, such as quick drying glue, glue, glue, red glue, adhesive etc..
Desktop high speed electric dispenser
Electric high-speed dispensing machine adopts the electrode glue dispensing control flow, the traditional pneumatic control dispensing to supply high, if the gas supply is unstable and easily cause problems such as disconnected dispensing point, a direct result of the increase of dispensing bad product, through the high-speed pulse circuit of the gluing precision can be greatly improved, to ensure consistency and the stability of a batch of dispensing work, help the user to quickly return to the production.
Desktop high speed glue dispenser
High speed dispensing machine electric control is conducive to the production of objects, dispensing the incoherence problem does not appear in the normal dispensing process, with low noise low vibration characteristics, support array programming, can perform bulk dispensing work, to ensure the consistency and stability of production, belongs to the high-speed dispensing machine stable and efficient in the same equipment, has an important position in rubber industry market.

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