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Desktop pin high speed glue machine

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With the application of dispensing technology continues to expand, dispensing machine has become an important manufacturing equipment in the production of general high speed dispensing function meet the work requirement and production quality more comprehensive, including desktop high-speed dispensing needle universal function complete industry engaged in more production demand.
High speed gluing machine
High speed needle dispensing fixture support with dispensing syringe or dispensing valve, generally needs lower production line is mostly carried out by ordinary dispensing needle through the spiral button to enhance the fixation strength between the needle tube and a high speed dispensing machine, using imported stepper motor as the driving mode of the dispenser dispensing. Can be more stable in high speed, linear guide is mainly used to strengthen the dispensing arm smooth operation, high speed needle dispensing machine support connection shown adjustment program teaching aid, make the function of dispensing more efficient and comprehensive, can programming a variety of irregular dispensing path to meet the actual production work.
Single station high speed desktop dispenser
Through the array of needle high speed dispensing machine programming helps to strengthen the dispensing efficiency, large storage capacity to further expand the application of glue, glue the main drive through the air compressor production pressure, according to the actual needs of the adjustment of air compressor production pressure to control the amount of glue. The syringe high-speed dispensing machine is suitable for many kinds of commonly used glue, such as epoxy glue, anaerobic glue, two component glue, silica gel and other general glue. It also applies to all kinds of fluids, such as paint, grease and other fluids.
Needle cylinder high speed glue machine
The syringe high-speed dispensing machine is mainly used in low production demand. The biggest feature of the syringe high-speed dispensing machine is to help users complete more extensive and extensive production and improve the dispensing quality of products.

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