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Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser

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Due to the advantage of our country's labor does not exist, in the production of products are inclined to the direction of intelligent and efficient, the application of high performance equipment is essential, high speed dispensing machine to replace the traditional dispensing process, will help the user to complete a more coating work, so that the production quality has been improved accordingly, desktop type high speed precision dispensing function with the help of users to save most of the investment in human resources, the quality of the product dispensing a more complete and more completely.
High speed precision glue dispenser for single station
High speed precision dispensing machine is made of high quality aluminum, have a higher lifetime and more stable working performance, precision machinery parts inside to ensure high accuracy and consistency of the dispensing process, using imported stepper motor as the driving mode, make the dispensing ring more stable energy more efficient, more smooth in execution high speed dispensing smooth, low noise small resistance to improve product quality, not only covers an area of small and easy to use convenient, shock resistant pressure of certain characteristics of the line with a number of production line work.
Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser
Table type high speed precision dispensing supplies on conversion rate is very high, high speed and high precision can perform long-term dispensing work, long-term implementation of very low precision dispensing effect in order to improve the product quality, by connecting the teaching device operation in order to better carry out the path programming, can realize the single single single or multi machine dispensing dispensing the work mode, make use of the strength of the effect of glue has been effectively improved.
Mobile phone screen fixing machine
The body is made of CNC processing, the product of the high-speed dispensing accuracy is guaranteed, suitable for a variety of special glue dispensing, such as anaerobic adhesives, UV glue, glue, epoxy glue, to expand the scope of application of high speed precision dispensing machine.

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