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Three axis precision dispenser for disposable and multi coat

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Three-axis precision dispensing machine is one of the intelligent dispensing equipments manufactured by automation equipment in China. It is mainly used in substrate coating, component packaging and IC chip packaging equipment. It belongs to high-precision dispensing equipment. It uses first-class dispensing accessories to have advanced dispensing technology, otherwise it is not so high dispensing technology. Surgery.
Substrate gluing requirements
Substrate gluing is also commonly used by three-axis precision dispensing machine industry, parts of a large amount of glue dispensing valve, gluing the most exquisite glue, for the glue control effect is in the range of 0.3 mm, you can choose soft brush needle action glue needle, glue effect will be greatly increased than, but pay attention to not using high viscosity glue, so on. Can easily lead to blockage problems, you can use medium and low concentrations of glue, if it is high concentration glue, need to use plastic dispensing needles or large flow needles.
Three axis precision dispenser
精密点胶机 Component packaging requirements
What is the requirement of component packaging for three axis precision dispensing machine? Precision dispensing machine adopts Japanese stepping motor and medium drive device, which can satisfy the speed of component packaging. Before high speed packaging, it can realize fast packaging. The precision range is about 0.05mm, which is enough to meet the demand of dispensing precision. The glue used in component packaging is usually medium and medium. High concentration, will use hot melt glue or silica gel, both glue are configured with the appropriate dispensing valve, such as hot melt dispensing valve and silica gel dispensing valve, to complete the packaging requirements.
台式点胶机 Precision dispensing machine
IC chip packaging requirements
IC chip packaging requires precision for three-axis dispensing machine. There are two kinds of chip packaging, one is point heat dissipation glue, the other is point bottom filling glue, the former is coated on the IC chip, and the other is point around, for dispensing precision is relatively high. Three-axis precision dispensing machine adopts three-axis control system and screw control mode, so that its dispensing accuracy can meet IC chip packaging requirements. For glue control, precision dispensing valve and ultra-fine dispensing needle can be used, the precision can reach the range of 0.01 mm, belonging to the current three-axis dispensing machine can achieve the highest precision dispensing requirements, repeated points. The accuracy of the adhesive is about 0.02mm, super high precision dispensing.
Desktop dispenser
Dispensing fittings for dispensing equipment
The accessories used in the three-axis precision dispensing machine are basically top-notch technology at home and abroad, such as control system, precision dispensing valve, hand-held dispensing box, three-axis control system, box, etc., belonging to the top domestic mechanical equipment, as well as foreign accessories, such as stepping motor and drive belong to Japanese manufacturers, linear guide rail and pneumatic. Components belong to Taiwan, photoelectric switches belong to Germany, a three-axis precision dispensing machine needs more accessories manufactured, in order to complete the substrate coating, component packaging and IC chip packaging requirements.
This is a kind of high-precision dispensing equipment that we have developed in China. It is a dispensing equipment that can meet the requirements of point and coating. It can meet the requirements of high-performance dispensing. The three-axis precision dispensing machine can also realize more dispensing technology, such as circular dispensing technology, linear dispensing technology, point-to-point dispensing technology and so on. One of the high-end dispensers in China.

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