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Desktop PU high speed dispenser

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PU polyurethane material, which is a polymer chemical commonly used polymer material, officially defined as the fifth plastic, can be used as a sealant can be used as adhesive, can be used in chemical and electronics industry adhesive links, including high speed dispensing machine can help users to use PU for dispensing, then this dispenser with desktop what are the characteristics?
Desktop hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
Through the work of mechanical arm that can realize the unique development of dispensing X/Y/Z three axis high speed flexible dispensing, by linear motor to ensure sustained and efficient dispensing work, the body weight of only 30KG, covers an area of small light weight, faster and higher precision, can carry out the non-contact high speed glue can also contact the traditional high-speed dispensing here, the non-contact spray as an example, using the dispensing valve to the latest fine control of PU glue, glue and so will not affect the normal PU glue accuracy.
High speed desktop type AB glue dispensing machine
PLC control program support program, you can use the keyboard programming can also use the touch screen programming, the operation is easy and convenient for programming to achieve the array dispensing effect, pressure can be adjusted between 5-8 kg / square centimeter, which is an important factor to ensure high speed glue will not bias, so users need to pay attention to the pressure the normal range of regulation, can carry the 8KG workload, of course is in the allowable range of plane.
Full automatic high speed dispenser
Working fault desktop PU high-speed dispensing machine appears relatively small, so the demand for staff is also less, avoid more workers at the same time the machine is adjusted due to the parameters is not uniform in a certain extent, to facilitate the work of control, so as to ensure the consistency of the high-speed work piece production, so it can be applied to most part of the package and adhesive dispensing link.

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