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To use UV glue dispensing, you need to configure the amber d

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  The amber dispensing syringe is suitable for UV light glue. Although the adhesive quality is very good, but in the use of UV light is easy to occur in contact with the curing reaction, if it is in the transparent dispensing needle tube curing caused glue blockage problem, in the flat screen viscose link is easy to be interrupted dispensing production work, and amber dispensing The syringe can eliminate the contact between UV and glue and avoid the problem of UV glue blocking.
Succinate platinum dispensing syringe

  Amber dispensing syrup dispensing for UV glue dispensing

  Amber dispensing syringe can prevent ultraviolet radiation, UV glue used for flat screen glue, tablet computer shell dispensing process, the use of amber dispensing syringe can avoid glue solidification problems. In the process of dispensing tablet computer shell and screen, using ultraviolet glue to complete the viscose quality effect is better, while the flat screen viscose belongs to the Seiko production link, in the production process will use the tablet computer dispensing machine to complete the production work.
UV glue

  Tablet computer screen and shell dispensing bonding

  Tablet computer production, mobile phone dispensing are precision production, dispensing work requires the use of high-precision dispensing equipment to complete the production work, tablet computer dispensing machine is mainly used in flat screen glue, tablet computer shell dispensing links, in this production process will use ultraviolet glue, in order to In the UV environment to complete the dispensing and bonding work, it is necessary to install amber dispensing needle barrel in the tablet dispensing machine to ensure the quality of the tablet computer shell, screen glue bonding.
Succinate platinum dispensing syringe
  When UV glue dispensing is used in dispensing links of tablet computer screen and shell, the problem of glue solidification can be avoided by assembling succinylplatinum color dispensing needle barrel in tablet computer dispensing machine.

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