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High speed spray dispensing system for high efficiency non-c

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  High-speed spray dispensing machine can do non-contact spray dispensing work on the product, which has the help of spray dispensing valve and other accessories. In the application of production links, through the principle of spray valve, the glue can be uniformly sprayed to the surface of the product to complete the spraying work. This high-speed dispensing machine uses non-contact spray dispensing work, can reduce the application of dispensing needles, in the production of dispensing products can also be used to prevent the probability of scratching products, to ensure the quality of product dispensing production.
High speed jet dispenser

  Non-contact spray dispensing technology for anti scratching flowers

  Non-contact spray dispensing technology is the greatest advantage of high-speed dispensing machine, and then through the spray dispensing valve with this high-speed dispensing machine can be very good for non-contact spraying products. The principle of the spray valve is to spray glue to the surface of the product by air pressure. In the process of spraying glue, the spray dispensing valve has a certain distance from the surface of the product. In the process of dispensing products, it can be used without worrying about the surface will be scratched, scratched and other problems, affecting the beauty of the product.
High speed jet dispenser

  High speed dispensing machine for high efficiency dispensing

  The high-speed dispensing machine not only has the advantage in the working mode, but also has the advantage in the production efficiency. This high-speed dispensing machine adopts the imported stepping motor and servo motor, which greatly improves the working speed and effect. High-speed dispensing machine is also applicable to a wide range of high-speed dispensing machine, due to the principle of the spray valve, in this high-speed dispensing machine can be used fast-drying glue, UV glue and other glue solidification speed faster glue, but the use of the spray dispensing valve needs to be checked before use, to prevent internal impurities affect the spray effect.
High speed jet dispenser
  If you want to do non-contact spray dispensing work, you can choose to use high-speed spray dispensing machine, in the work can ensure that the product is not scratched, but also can effectively improve dispensing efficiency and product production.

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